Coaching Foundations


Coaching Foundations gives instructional teams and emerging leaders the skills, tools, and support to build a culture of feedback and growth in schools. We begin with a five-day professional development workshop on our high-impact coaching model. Key outcomes for all participants include:

  • Develop a personal vision for coaching

  • Internalize the four steps of the Impact Coaching Partners coaching model

  • Practice giving adjusting and reinforcing feedback

  • Develop an organizational system to stay focused when things get hectic

Our team will then provide your emerging instructional leaders with personalized coaching as they strive to build a culture of feedback and growth. The bi-weekly, on-site support can include a combination of the following:

  • Co-observations and debrief planning

  • Observation and feedback of coaching meetings

  • Bi-weekly PLCs with the instructional leadership team

  • Survey development and rollout