Cycling of Earth's Materials

Next Generation Standards

MS-ESS2-1 - Develop a model to describe the cycling of Earth's materials and the flow of energy that drives this process.

Clarification Statement Emphasis is on the processes of melting, crystallization, weathering, deformation, and sedimentation, which act together to form minerals and rocks through the cycling of Earth's materials.

Assessment Boundary - Assessment does not include the identification and naming of minerals.

Massachusetts Standards

6.MS-ESS2-1 - Use a model to illustrate that energy from Earth’s interior drives convection that cycles Earth’s crust, leading to melting, crystallization, weathering, and deformation of large rock formations, including generation of ocean sea floor at ridges, submergence of ocean sea floor at trenches, mountain building, and active volcanic chains.

Clarification Statement - The emphasis is on large-scale cycling resulting from plate tectonics.

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MS-ESS2-1 - Cycling of Earth's Materials