Electric and Magnetic Forces

Next Generation Standards

MS-PS2-3 - Ask questions about data to determine the factors that affect the strength of electric and magnetic forces.

Clarification Statement - Examples of devices that use electric and magnetic forces could include electromagnets, electric motors, or generators. Examples of data could include the effect of the number of turns of wire on the strength of an electromagnet, or the effect of increasing the number or strength of magnets on the speed of an electric motor.

Assessment Boundary - Assessment about questions that require quantitative answers is limited to proportional reasoning and algebraic thinking.

Massachusetts Standards

7.MS-PS2-3 - Analyze data to describe the effect of distance and magnitude of electric charge on the strength of electric forces.

Clarification Statement - Includes both attractive and repulsive forces.

Assessment Boundary - State assessment will be limited to proportional reasoning. Calculations using Coulomb’s law or interactions of sub-atomic particles are not expected in state assessment.