Science Resources


We've posted lots of great assessment questions from states and districts around the country that are aligned to either Next Generation Science Standards or Massachusetts state standards. We hope you'll be able to use these to help you both focus your instruction and check for students' level of progress toward meeting each standard. You'll probably find lot of other great uses as well!

A couple caveats:

  • Massachusetts and a few other states adjusted the wording of NGSS when creating their own standards. Therefore, not all questions are guaranteed to be aligned to your specific standards. Make sure to look at the language before using the question.

  • We are a very small team of coaches providing this resource for free. There are definitely mistakes on these documents! Please (kindly) let us know when you find a mistake so we can fix it.

Here are some sites that we find ourselves returning to again and again:

-The Team at Impact Coaching Partners (aka Lindsey & Marc)