Gravitational Interactions

Next Generation Standards

MS-PS2-4 - Construct and present arguments using evidence to support the claim that gravitational interactions are attractive and depend on the masses of interacting objects.

Clarification Statement - Examples of evidence for arguments could include data generated from simulations or digital tools; and charts displaying mass, strength of interaction, distance from the Sun, and orbital periods of objects within the solar system.

Assessment Boundary - Assessment does not include Newton’s Law of Gravitation or Kepler’s Laws.

Massachusetts Standards

6.MS-PS2-4 - Use evidence to support the claim that gravitational forces between objects are attractive and are only noticeable when one or both of the objects have a very large mass.

Clarification Statement - Examples of objects with very large masses include the Sun, Earth, and other planets.

Assessment Boundary - Newton’s law of gravitation or Kepler’s laws are not expected in state assessment.

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