Fossil Evidence of Past Environments

Next Generation Standards

3-LS4-1 - Analyze and interpret data from fossils to provide evidence of the organisms and the environments in which they lived long ago.

Clarification Statement - Examples of data could include type, size, and distributions of fossil organisms. Examples of fossils and environments could include marine fossils found on dry land, tropical plant fossils found in Arctic areas, and fossils of extinct organisms.

Assessment Boundary - Assessment does not include identification of specific fossils or present plants and animals. Assessment is limited to major fossil types and relative ages.

Massachusetts Standards

3-LS4-1 - Use fossils to describe types of organisms and their environments that existed long ago and compare those to living organisms and their environments. Recognize that most kinds of plants and animals that once lived on Earth are no longer found anywhere.

Clarification Statement - Comparisons should focus on physical or observable features.

Assessment Boundary - Identification of specific fossils or specific present-day plants and animals, dynamic processes, or genetics are not expected in state assessment.

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3-LS4-1 - Fossil Evidence of Past Environments